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Dental Class B Autoclave Steam Sterilizer /Drying/Printer /Dental Implant System

Dental Class B Autoclave Steam Sterilizer /Drying/Printer /Dental Implant System

Dental Class B Autoclave Steam Sterilizer /Drying/Printer /Dental Implant System

Chamber capacity:ø25×D28CM (ø9.84×D11.02inch). Outside Size :46.53536 CM. Auto supply water system: Manual give the water. Safety valve: automatic discharge in excess of standard value.

Temp and Press display:Pressure gauge. Disinfection principle:Uses the vapor power emissions cold air / 2 times. Plug in the power cord. Shut exhaust needle valve in the Close (clockwise)°. Adding about 800 ml of distilled water. Close the door cover, tight the rotate handle.

Start the timer knob to 121? Sterilization is complete, please be sure to open the exhaust needle valve firstly (inverse clock direction). Wait for the pressure gauge pointer to zero, opened the door cover. Every time sterilization, must add about 800 ml of distilled water.

Use a separate socket (confirm the socket of the output voltage). Pressure gauge pointer in the red areas, please be sure to first Open the exhaust steam of the needle valve. Plate 3pcs (Size:20113621 mm). Take Plate tool 1pc steam exhaust pipe 1pc(1 meter length).

Tank capacity: 18L Inside dimensions:? 250 x D350mm Sterilize temperature: 122? Sterilize pressure: 0.12Mpa & 0.23Mpa Sterilize time: 25min & 6min Drying time: 40min Tank Material: Stainless steel #304 Machine size (LWH): 60 39 36cm Packing size (LWH): 61 53 40cm N. 35KG Standard accessories: (Plate 3PCS; Shelf 1PCS; Plate Taking tool 1PC) Application: For dental, surgery, beauty salon, medical care, laboratory, and so on.

After the completion of disinfection, please to wait for 10 minutes. Pressure Gauge in red area. Do not rotate handle, open the steam discharge valve firstly. Before each use, must supply water 800ml of distilled water.

Please close steam discharge valve before the disinfection. Do not use any corrosive or chemical water as the disinfection. Do not share the same electricoutllet with other electrical apparetus. Please pay attention to correct voltage and frequency. Connect steam exhaust pipe with the steam vent, before operation. Chamber capacity:ø25×D35CM (ø9.84×D13.78inch). Temp and Press display :Led several windows.

Uses the vapor power emissions cold air / 2 times. Before each use, distilled water is better.

Chamber inner dimensions(Diameter × Depth):? 25D36cm(9.84"14.17"). Product size: 62.547.544.2cm(24.61"18.70"17.40). Package size: 7358.554cm(28.74"20.87"23.03).

5 layers with 3 trays. 3.5L fresh water and 2.5L liter waste water reservoirs. Using wide-angle LED color screen with soft light 2. Italian water pump and solenoid valve with more stable performance and longer service life 3. Large size condenser with dual fans perfectly meet the requirements of electrical safety 4. Safety first, double door locking-system 5. Program running curve dot matrix trend, clearly view the sterilization process in real time 8. Humanized appointment fuction making use more efficient and easier 9. 99% saturated steam makes sterilization more thorough 10. All-inclusive heating loop makes sterilized instruments drier. 25D45cm(9.84"17.72").

Net Weight/Gross Weight: 51.6kg/63.5kg. 3.5L fresh water and. Implant System Color Touch Screen LED. 20:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle. The large size screen ensures that the treatment parameters are visible.

Graphical operation steps, intuitive and clear, easy operation, simple and flexible, humanized touch design. For implant, restoration, extraction of impacted teeth, orthopaedic surgery. 8 Program memory function for setting setting speed, torque, compatible with various contra angle or straight handpiece , such as 20:1 16:1 27:1 4:1 3.2:1 1:1 1:3 1:4.2 1:5. Operate safely with high precision thanks to the surgical motor, low noise and vibration, powerful. A new generation of motors with torque up to 80Ncm. High performance brushless motor, high torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment.

Helps clinicians focus more on the treatmenet area and make surgery more accurate. Illumination and sound can be adjusted. Flexible multi function foot pedal. Could achieve the most of operating functions. Motor and cable can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure.

Built in common error prompt and alarm interfaces. Timely remind the wrong operation, better protect the machine. Motor and contra angle: 1 year.

Motor: Original switzerland surgical brushless motor. 1-Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation. Standard push button reduction geared contra angle. Available for standard reduction handpiece.

2-Original switzerland surgical brushless motor. Speed is from 300 rpm to 50000 rpm, high torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment. Powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone. Unmatched stability, no overheating, silent. Multi functional foot pedal, could achieve all the operating functions.

Hand control and foot control. Inner and external channel cooling and wash.

Quiet and strong water pump. Big LED Screen, control easy. 10 kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose. 10 setting program, preset the speed of air motor.

Cool down the liquid amount and torque, reverse and specific speed. 1X water supply bottle holder. 1X contra angle speed reducing handpiece for implant. 1X nozzle for contra angle.

Every time before the high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Must put prevent steam bolt on motor please.

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Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. K181993 Device Classification Name Sterilizer, Steam 510(K) Number K181993 Device Name STURDY Autoclave Super Microm (Models SA-260MA And SA-260MA-R) Regulation Number 880.6880 Classification Product Code FLE Date Received 7/26/2018 Decision Date 11/1/2019 Device Class 2 Regulation Number 21CFR880.6880.

Dental Class B Autoclave Steam Sterilizer /Drying/Printer /Dental Implant System